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Conference - The Future is Public: Building a Pro-Public Movement for All




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The Future is Public is a two day gathering of union leaders, activists, researchers, and community groups designed to share ideas and proposals around building a pro-public movement in Canada. The objectives of the conference are to:

  • Share knowledge about pro-public victories in Canada and around the world
  • Explore the potential for a pro-public network in Canada
  • Link local groups with international organizations working on pro-public initiatives

Privatization is deeply unpopular and has been fought successfully. But if the anti-privatization movement only thinks defensively the best we can do is protect the status quo. A discussion about reclaiming and reimagining public services can help move us towards a clearer picture of what we want from our public services in the future.

This conference aims to generate outlines of such a common vision, working towards a pro-public movement that would develop proposals and campaigns for public services that:

  • Address environmental crises and reverse deepening inequality
  • Increase a sense of ownership and democratic input from workers and communities
  • Create inclusive and equitable services

A strong pro-public movement has been developing internationally. From Germany to Argentina countries around the world are reclaiming public services that were once in private hands, democratizing their decision making and expanding their public mandates. Organizations in Canada can learn from and expand upon these victories.

The conference is aimed at a broad cross-section of participants, including labour leaders and activists from the public sector, NGOs and policy organizations, environmental groups, Indigenous leaders and organizers, civil society groups, anti-privatization activists and researchers. Simultaneous translation (French/English) will be provided where possible. Events will also be made available to a broader audience via video recording and documentation.


Friday June 15 
Territorial welcome, opening addresses, keynote speakers, mapping of public services in Canada
Saturday June 16 
Simultaneous workshops on themes including:
  • Energy justice and public electricity
  • Remaking public water
  • Creating public banks
  • Rethinking public health
  • Labour/community coalitions reclaiming public services
  • Remunicipalization
  • Public internet and telecommunications
Open space discussions to advance or generate pro-public initiatives in Canada
Closing keynote address
Social event
Sunday June 17 
Building a pro-public network
Concordia University Conference Centre, 1600 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, 9th floor.

Space is limited and registration is required. 
Please register online soon to reserve your spot.

Conference fees are on a sliding scale from $0-$200, depending on ability to pay. Lunch will be provided at no cost on Saturday June 16, but attendees are responsible for all other costs of their participation.
Some travel subsidies for Indigenous participants, members of equity-seeking groups and low-income participants are available; please contact for more information.

The conference is being overseen by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from the following organizations:

Please contact organizers at with any questions.