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FAME Workshops

The MSP is organizing a full day of workshops at the Alternative World Water Forum (FAME).

Session I - 10h00-12h30
Alternatives to Privatization and New Meanings of Public

This workshop presents the findings of our new book on ‘alternatives to privatization’. It looks at water, health care and electricity in over 40 countries in the global South and celebrates the women and men who are reinventing the meaning of ‘public’. We discuss the diversity of public models, we evaluate their ‘success’ and reproducibility.


David McDonald - Municipal Services Project, Canada
Marcela Olivera – RedVIDA, Bolivia
Mary Ann Manahan – Focus on the Global South, Philippines
Yoswa Dambisya – University of Limpopo, South Africa
Daniel Chavez – Transnational Institute, Netherlands

Session II - 13h-15h30
Research and Activism: Together in Defense of Public Services

This participatory workshop explores how researchers and activists can join forces in the fight against privatization and the search for improved public services. Examining this relationship is critical to understanding where the movement for public services is going and how research can reinforce action.


Greg Ruiters – Municipal Services Project, South Africa
Amit Sengupta – People’s Health Movement, India
Maude Barlow – Council of Canadians, Canada
Carlos Crespo – Universidad Mayor San Simón, Bolivia
Susan Spronk – University of Ottawa, Canada

Session III - 15h30-18h00
Remunicipalisation: Putting Water Back in Public Hands

This workshop explores the growing remunicipalisation trend in the water sector through five recent case studies (Argentina, Canada, France, Malaysia and Tanzania) of water service transfers from private to municipal operators. It shows public can outperform private worldwide and offers insights into campaign strategies and lessons learned.


Martin Pigeon – Corporate Europe Observatory, Belgium
David McDonald – Municipal Services Project, Canada
Satoko Kishimoto – Transnational Institute, Netherlands
Carles Escolano – ATTAC, Spain
Nila Ardhianie – Amrta Institute, Indonesia

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 10:00 to 18:00
Docks des Suds, Cabaret Rouge 1, Marseille, France