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Forthcoming book: Alternatives to Privatization | Edited by David A. McDonald, Greg Ruiters

In ongoing debates about the privatization of essential services it is often argued that opponents do not present concrete alternatives. There is some truth to this claim, springing in part from neoliberalism’s diktat that ‘there is no alternative’. Yet in the recent past, with the limits to privatization and financialization becoming more apparent, a burgeoning field of enquiry around alternatives has emerged, albeit in a fragmented and inconsistent way. This book helps to conceptualize and evaluate what has become an important and widespread movement for better public services in the global South. Its authors address questions of what constitutes alternatives to privatization, what makes them successful (or not), and what are lessons learned for future service delivery debates. The analysis is backed up by a comprehensive examination of initiatives in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It covers three sectors: electricity, health care and water/sanitation. As the first global survey of its kind, it provides a more rigorous platform to evaluate alternatives and better compare these across regions and sectors. Information of this type is urgently required by practitioners and analysts who are seeking reliable knowledge on successful public models and their transferability. Visit the publisher page for more information:

Thursday, March 8, 2012 (All day)