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Open call: African utilities looking to improve water supply services to low income customers


GWOPA, in collaboration with WaterAid and the African Water Association (AfWA) through its WOP-Africa platform, has launched a call for applications for African mentee utilities for a pro-poor WOP in Africa.

About the Call
One African utility will be selected from the applicants to engage in a Water Operators' Partnership. The cost of the partnership will be covered by WaterAid, in collaboration with the African Water Association (AfWA) through its WOP-Africa platform and GWOPA.

The focus of the partnership will be to improve services in low-income areas. Planned outcomes include:

  • a roadmap with initial steps to improving services
  • a short-term action plan
  • a medium-term performance improvement plan

The performance improvement plan will aim for better provision of water supply services through the establishment of suitable Low Income Customer Support (LICSU) structure.

For more information and to retreive the application visit:

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 10:15