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Gendering Justice, Building Alternative Futures

Women's lives and livelihoods are fundamentally shaped by basic resources such as health care, water and electricity. While much is known about the negative effects of privatization on women and girls, very little has been written about the gendered nature of services under 'public' service regimes. It is essential, therefore, that any study of alternatives to privatization foreground an understanding of the gendered nature of service delivery. Our chapter in the forthcoming MSP book explores gender as a theoretical lens, as an apparatus of governance, and as lived culture in the context of neoliberalism, in an effort to better understand gender justice in non-commercialized service delivery systems. "Gendering Justice" thus contributes to a critique of privatization, while focusing attention on the significance of gender in struggles for 'public' notions of economic and social justice, calling attention to the 'place-based politics' that shape women's struggles. This note also presents an extended bibliography.
Chandra Talpade Mohanty and Sarah Miraglia
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Briefing Note No.1
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Briefing Note