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edited by Satoko Kishimoto et Olivier Petitjean, 2017
Reclaiming Public Services is vital reading for anyone interested in the future of local, democratic services like energy, water and health care. This is an in-depth world tour of new initiatives in p...
Madeleine Bélanger Dumontier, David A. McDonald, Susan Spronk, Catherine Baron y Dieter Wartchow, 2016
Gran parte del benchmarking que tiene lugar en el sector del agua hoy en día margina a indicadores como la equidad y asequibilidad, lo que dificulta que los operadores de agua persigan objetivos socia...
Thomas Marois , 2017

Every day public banks are developing new and innovative ways of financing a green transformation. To illustrate how public banks can provide green financing in a public way, this issue brief explo...

David A. McDonald , 2018
David A. McDonald, 2018
Thomas Marois , 2018
Thomas Marois , 2017