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, 2020

Covid-19 has dealt a devastating economic bl...

Madeleine Bélanger Dumontier, David A. McDonald, Susan Spronk, Catherine Baron and Dieter Wartchow, 2016
This paper demonstrates that much of the benchmarking that takes place in the water sector today focuses on financial and technical performance, making it difficult for water operators to pursue broad...
Thomas Marois , 2017

Every day public banks are developing new and innovative ways of financing a green transformation. To illustrate how public banks can provide green financing in a public way, this issue brief explo...

David A. McDonald, Thomas Marois, Susan Spronk , 2020

Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to achieve universal access to...

, 2020
David A. McDonald, Thomas Marois, Susan Spronk , 2020
edited by Satoko Kishimoto, Lavinia Steinfort, Olivier Petitjean, 2020
edited by David A. McDonald and Erik Swyngedouw, 2019