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The MSP website is a platform for the exchange of resources between academics, activists, policy makers and others to build a conversation on progressive alternatives to privatization and commercialization of water, electricity and health services worldwide. As such, we encourage visitors to share resources that correspond to this objective and to save critiques of privatization for other venues. What makes this website unique is that it is dedicated strictly to a discussion of alternatives.

Materials can be about a particular case study or experience, or about a particular region or service. Resources can be academic or popular, and can in be written or in multimedia format (video/audio/photo).

Information that does not fit the scope of the project will be removed, as will any content deemed inappropriate, inaccurate and/or hateful in any way. Members who do not abide by these principles will be warned and asked to remove their post. If problems persist, individuals may be removed from the MSP online community following warnings. We reserve the right to delete any uploaded content without notification or explanation.

You must create an account on the MSP website before you can upload a resource. This helps to ensure that materials added to the site are from those genuinely involved and interested in dialogue on alternatives. Once done, make sure you have all relevant information about the resource (full title, name of author, publisher, date, etc.) before submitting it.


If you are not the author or publisher of the material you wish to upload, please get permission from the authors and/or publishers before you do so. We ask that you keep the resource in its original format in that case. The MSP website content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.5 Canada License, which allows material from the website to be copied and distributed for non-commercial uses. For more information on the license please click here.