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The Future is Public

0:59 mins

COVID-19 has shown us the disastrous effects of years of austerity, social security cuts and public service privatization.  We need to work for a public future! Download our new book The Future is Public today.





Water and Power: Are public services still public?
2:55 mins

Public water and electricity are back in vogue! Yet many state-owned utilities are now undergoing “corporatization”: they have legal autonomy and manage their own finances. Is this a positive development in the struggle for equitable public services? Or a slippery slope toward privatization?

Subtitles are available in French, German, Greek and Spanish.



Universal health: From private coverage to public care
2:54 mins

The universal health coverage agenda opens the door for privatization of public health systems in the global South. In India, insurance-based coverage has skewed public health priorities and starved primary care. This video calls on people everywhere to mobilize around public alternatives to achieve health for all.

Subtitles are available in Dutch, French, Spanish and Turkish. Direct link available for: Hindi.

Remunicipalisation: Putting Water Back into Public Hands
5:03 mins

Groundbreaking motion design documentary puzzle about cities reversing water privatization to regain public control. This video explores water 'remunicipalization' in Buenos Aires and Paris, looking at the challenges and benefits of reclaiming public water. It calls on citizens worldwide to mobilize around this option.

Subtitles are available in German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish. Direct links are available for: Spanish, French, Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin.